Some Things That I’ve Been Wasting Time On

Internet distractions are sometimes the very best things. Here’s what’s been taking up my time as of late:

1) Funny Or Die posts the 50 best “Deal With It” Gifs. Come on, you love when those sunglasses drop on anything, whether it’s Obama or dill leaves.

2) Learning everything there is to know about The X-Men. So, I got really sucked in to the whole Professor X/Magneto dynamic in the new X-Men: First Class film, and I’ve spent too many hours clicking article after article of really detailed backstories on these characters. Seriously, there are so many links within these wikis, I dare you to not click them all.

3) 7 Good Pieces of News That Nobody Is Reporting Yeah, we’ve all been following Casey Anthony, but these news stories here will make you feel good about the planet and the actual progression of mankind. Did you know that the gulf is almost back to its pre-oil spill health? Yeah, me either.

4) 20 Best Single-Serving Sites on the Internet “single serving” sites are a big thing right now, and it seems every nerd with an internet connection and a funny observation about life is making one. Here are some of the best of the best (I’m fond of “Tom Haverfoods”). Oh, and it’s quite an esoteric collection, so you can brag about “getting” these.


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