Flash Fiction Fury!

A really quick, sudden story is sometimes more desirable than diving into a novel or collection. A really good flash piece lingers long after the words end, resonating with the thoughtfulness of a full-length story. As I’ve been trying lately to figure out the secrets of flash, these are the journals that are specializing in the shortest form of fiction:

Smokelong Quarterly – it’s literally in the title of the journal: these stories are meant to be read during the time it takes to smoke a cigarette. All the links to their current issue are right on the main page, and most are accompained by some great art.

escarp – this journal takes on the shortest form of internet communication, the tweet. Everything is 140 characters here. It can be a poem, a really short piece (most commonly called “hint fiction”). If you’re looking for the fastest form, you’ve got it here.

Nanofiction – my current favorite pick for flash; the site is clean and stories are displayed in neat paragraphs. Everything on this site is 300 words or less, so it’s one of the shortest places around to still find really good, quality storytelling.


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