The Invention of The Three-Day Weekend

is the greatest and most dangerous thing in this world. When you cram 34 hours of work into four days, what are you supposed to do with three complete days of nothingness? What, write? psh. Come on.

In no particular order, my fridays through sundays are:
1. drinking.
2. cleaning my apartment of any sign of said drinking
3. mani/pedi!
4. well, sometimes I write.
5. and sometimes I read.
6. but it’s more like bringing a book to the pool and then forgetting about it
7. reorganizing my Amazon wish-list
8. reorganizing my itunes
9. reorganizing things that don’t require reorganizing
10. creating lists
11. sometimes I work out. This is rare. I am usually hungover.
12. Watching all the TV shows I missed during the week.
12. drinking
13. balancing six different Words With Friends games
14. panicking about my future
15. then I just shrug and do laundry.


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