Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Thanks so much to laekanzeakemp for nominating me for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award! It’s nice to know that my coping with the writing process and the things I find on the internet are inspiring and enjoyable to anyone, really.

As per the rules, here are a few things about me:

  1. I have a BA from FSU, MFA from UCF, and I just received my certificate for Professional Writing from UCF.
  2. I sort of want to go back to school, into another MFA program. I miss it.
  3. I’ve had five very serious best friends in my life. I only talk to three still.
  4. I’m a natural redhead and I used to try to dye my hair blonde, but the red wouldn’t budge, and I ended up looking like a brassy pineapple.
  5. I’m an occasional gamer, but I play them passionately and obsessively (Zelda, Mario, Tomb Raider, to name a few)
  6. I started writing in middle school; my best friend and I would collaborate on short stories in notebooks and pass them to each other in the hallways between classes.
  7. I follow so many tv series but am very behind on movies. I’d rather follow characters and not let them go.

(Unfortunately, my little circle here at wordpress doesn’t extend very far so I don’t have other blogs to nominate. I should do something about that.)


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