Yet Another “What I Learned at AWP” Blog Post

  • blogs are great ways to test your material and to make an online archive of who you are. Give personality and promotion all in one. Use the “niche thing” that you are about to make a statement, as a way to research your work, to represent a theme, to hone your voice. It’s all valuable practice. 
  • don’t be afraid to show readers how you discovered the story; let them see it in the same way you came across that brilliant line and idea. don’t hide the “a-ha” by overwriting it. 
  • on form, always be ready to answer “why.” Every odd structure, sentence, pov and idea should serve a purpose for the narrative. 
  • when talking with editors and publishers, don’t be afraid to let them know what you are about. Read everything, spend time being well-informed. Know who you are submitting for. 
  • Personal advice: you can’t drink every night of the week and still do all the things. It won’t happen, no matter how much of a rock star you think you are. Make the decision to be super literary or super drunk. I chose super drunk this time. I blame boys and best friends. 

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