How being 27 is just like being 26

My birthday is at midnight (whaddup Cancers!) and really, it’s like, no big thing. I have to wake up and go to work still and then I’ll go to dinner and then I’ll drink beer. Most things will not change. But, like all of us, we hope for a better year ahead. 27 things about being 27:

  1. Yes, I will still get carded. I will forever get carded.
  2. I will have a better apartment.
  3. I will be able to cart my ass around in my new car.
  4. I will probably maintain the same weight, but will always wish it was lower.
  5. I’ll get crushes on boys I shouldn’t.
  6. I will pay all of my bills on time.
  7. I’ll make sure my friends know I appreciate them. 
  8. I will (try to) not be late to things.
  9. I’ll call my mom once a week.
  10. I will check my facebook everyday.
  11. I will not care about what goes on facebook everyday
  12. I’ll write.
  13. I will forever listen to the bands that I liked at 21.
  14. I’ll fangirl and obsess and get excited for things. I like things.
  15. I won’t overthink and analyze everything.
  16. I’ll fall asleep immediately as Netflix loads.
  17. I will try to read more books.
  18. I will try to publish more.
  19. I will enjoy living in the city that I live in.
  20. I will give serious consideration to my future.
  21. I’ll procrastinate more than I should.
  22. I’ll drink more than I should.
  23. But I won’t get as sick as I used to.
  24. I’ll always be working on a new short story.
  25. I’ll think about how Justin Timberlake is the perfect ideal of a male specimen
  26. I’ll remember that the first six years of my twenties were pretty cool.
  27. And that I still have three more years before thirty.



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