Internet Things I’ve Been Enjoying

An Open Letter to Paula Deen – Whether you’re following the controversy surrounding Paula or not, whether you feel sympathetic or not, this open letter is, like most open letters, a bit sassy and addresses pretty much everything you’d want to say to Paula yourself, while peppering in the author’s own perspective on Southern rituals and heritage. 

This Is Your Brain on Beer vs. Coffee – Which is really more of a quick infograph, oh, but what a vital infograph it is. If you, like me, are always alternating between these two elixirs of life, then this may be a thing that changes the way you approach these two miraculous drinks forever.

The Best of The Office – Listen, we all miss Season 3 Jim, so this is a nice thing that NBC put together that lets you quickly choose which character or season you’d like to reminisce with and get access to their best-of clips, without having to waddle through the entire 9 season catalog.

The Zelda Timeline Explained – This is really only if you care about the timeline as much as I do. Which you should.


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