How Turning 28 Feels Nothing Like Turning 27

27, you were one hell of an adult year. Quit my job, started a new one, quit that one too, started FIVE OTHER JOBS, (no really), car accidents, lost cellphones, broken laptops, mounting debt, promotions, publication. Talk about adulting. But hell, if I didn’t learn a lot last year. 27 was the first year I fully felt like an grown up out in the world. At 26, I was just out of my MFA, still living by and working on campus, going to college parties, hanging out with undergrads. I never let myself grow past that experience. 

A month after I turned 27, I quit my salaried manager job for a chance at something new (that didn’t work out). But it led to possibility, and for that I can never be ungrateful. In the flurry of new job, I stayed on a couch for a month. Put everything on credit cards. Moved to a completely new, more grown up part of town. Sort of had a fling with a guy friend that went sour. Left terrible sham job. Took on 2 seasonal jobs, a freelance job, and my steady part time gig. Never saw my friends. Got kinda sad. 

In the second half of 27, I steadied out. Wrote more. Got promoted. Could afford groceries. Worked out. It was a slow time, but a time that brought balance to the first half. I longed for the aimless days where I’d drink with friends and play video games and kiss boys, but it can’t be that forever. Eventually, I have to start becoming the person I’m supposed to be. 

So 28 is going to be about taking more chances. Putting myself out there and not being afraid. It’s going to be applying for that job out in Santa Monica, cause why not. It’s going to be standing up for myself when I feel taken advantage of. Going to that new place just to try it out. Writing things down, growing and reflecting. Facing problems immediately and being able to calmly say, “I don’t like that.” It’s being the bold, fun, adventurous person I want and can be. And not procrastinating. It’s going to be work, but it’s time to work. It’s time to grab this year firmly, look back at 29 and say yeah, I did that. I can do that. 


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