My Writing Process: The Blog Tour

John Miles (*cough* Edgar Dawn) tagged me in the Writing Process Blog Tour that’s going around, and even though he called me a sass-queen, I’ll oblige and post about my writing process. John’s a good friend from the MFA program (that needs to visit more!) and he’s like, totally the new name in suspense. Didn’t you read that on his site? (How’s that for sass?) ;p 

Anyway, on to the writing process stuff! 

1)      What are you working on?

Honestly? Lesson plans, rubrics, freelance assignments, to-do lists. Creatively? Two or three short stories that will forever be a WIP, and a current comprehensive edit of my MFA thesis (a fiction collection). There’s one short story in particular I’m hoping to finish at some point this fall, about a girl (woman? young adult?) that buys a snake charming kit off the internet. It’s pretty weird and I love it. Need to get back to writing it. 

2)      How does your work differ from others of its genre?

Well, I guess I play with “young adult” themes a bit, although that term is sort of ridiculous; also I’m pretty funny. More often than not I like to have a happy (or at least a hopeful) ending. Sometimes I like magic realism and surrealism. I don’t know. Literary fiction does all those things all the time so I’m not different or unique at all!!

3)      Why do you write what you do?

Because it’s the stories I’d like to read. That’s what inspires me to write. I’ll read an amazing story, and think, “I want someone to read my stuff and feel this way. A family that has to live in a treehouse because the town flooded? Perfect. Girls that grow silk in their bellies? Yes.” That weird stuff that still reveals character and a deeper human experience. It’s just my favorite. Also I can only write short stories;  I started a novel once and it was terrible. 

4)      How does your writing process work?

Two ways: it’s either “I’m going to plan a writing day where I just sit down and do it” or “I have something much more urgent to work on, so lemme just open that story doc and write to that to procrastinate the other thing.” A new story always starts with notes, lots and lots of notes. I start the doc that way, with pages of ideas and things I looked up online and character details, and then on a new page I start writing out some scenes. and then it becomes a draft, usually after a few months. I’m super slow, though my favorite two stories I wrote in a weekend. So it’s more like when it’s on, it’s on

So the game is to tag other writers to do it as well and keep the chain going, but I’m not about that life. Please feel free to do this if you’d like! If not, cool, keep on your merry way.  🙂 


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