How To Start Loving Yourself

  1. First, don’t be so negative about the world. No one is out to get you. If you don’t get invited out, fine. That doesn’t mean you’re hated. Or not worthy, or easily forgotten or dismissible. It has nothing to do with you.
  2. Regard yourself as beautiful, and others will see you that way, too.
  3. Be nice to people, even when they’re not nice to you. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Don’t be glad for their missteps, or when they “get what’s coming.”
  4. Smile, a lot. It’s infectious. Find joy in the routine. Be above the mundane.
  5. Stop being jealous. Of everything – of beauty, of close friendships, of weight, of writing, of positivity. Of relationships. All of this only serves to make you bitter and to reinforce your negative lens.
  6. Feel wholly in your body, in your own reality. Be uniquely an individual. Take time to do things that you like, and cherish that time spent with self.
  7. Don’t sleep with boys because you’re lonely. Don’t mistake sex with intimacy and emotion. Don’t give in right away.  Feel wanted instead of used.
  8. Don’t feel like you are “bugging” people when you need help. Say positive things to other people just because you like having them in your life, and sometimes you’re bad at showing it.
  9. When he says he doesn’t want anything, get out. Don’t linger because you like being around him. It will hurt so, so much in the long run.
  10. Stand up for yourself. You’re worth it!

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