a decade at a glance.

  • returning from london so much braver.
  • all the fall out boy. all the time.
  • first boyfriends. and other firsts.
  • driving for hours just to see the boys live. giving them friendship bracelets.
  • reading all of harry potter the summer after I graduated college.
  • initiation into club subway.
  • pour one out for every time I’ve thrown up from drinking (it’s a lot)
  • moving to orlando, full of energy and potential.
  • finding likeminded friends.
  • working my ass off.
  • crushes on everyone.
  • apt 1090.
  • writing, a lot.
  • drinking, a lot.
  • seeing boys, a lot.
  • promotions & drama.
  • getting my masters & getting my own store in the same week
  • taking driving lessons and deciding to not be a scared little shit
  • having friends with benefits for way too long.
  • coffee life for me.
  • nah, teaching life for me.
  • game nights forever
  • finally feeling like a professional.
  • curious to where a new decade will take me.




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