How to Publish Embarrassing Essays

A new blog post of mine written for the UCF MFA blog, covering how to write embarrassing personal essays on the internet and still (try) to remain some professionalism

The Creative Writing MFA and Beyond

This summer, I received an email in my inbox from an MTV casting director. She was casting the docu-series True Life and wanted to interview me to potentially be on a future episode. The director said she’d found me through an article I wrote for Cosmopolitan last year. An article exploring the female orgasm.

While I was flattered that the director read my article and reached out to me, and after considering it for several days, I ultimately declined her offer. It came down to this: I would have to talk on camera, to a national audience, about my experiences – nay, troubles – with orgasms. My mom could see this, not to mention my students. I imagined telling my Dean: “I’ll be on a national television show, but it’s going to be super personal and embarrassing for everyone!”

I wrote the article for Cosmopolitan back in December, after…

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