some specific resolutions for 2017

Instead of making, general, vague goals for this year (lose weight! Get money! Make my dreams come true!) I keep thinking of all these random things I’d like to accomplish this year that would 1) bring me happiness and pride 2) seem more tangible and realistic 3) personally seem interesting. The list:

writing: Last year I had 3 major bylines. I coasted on that for a lot of the year, but really, 3 isn’t a lot. Let’s double that. This year, I want 6 major headlines. That’s one every other month. Also, I started a novel in November and got 30k words in. That’s great, but it’s only halfway done. By years end: book is finished, edited, and ready to send off to YA agents.

professional: Last year was the year of 15+ interviews, and I can’t do that again. My goal is to slowly make the transition to being more freelance/remote. Right now I’m 70% remote; maybe by the year’s end; if I’m still getting up at 9am and being OK working alone, I’d like to be completely remote. I also want to go do something this summer that benefits my career – whether it be a teaching volunteer trip, a conference, an internship, anything. I want to spend more of the summer out of Orlando than in it.

health: I’ve been doing a lot more yoga lately, and I think it’d be awesome by the end of the year if I could do a headstand. It would be such an achievement of strength, flexibility, and patience.

personal: I’m going to say no more this year. If I can’t do something, if something’s not working for me, I want to be able to say, “no, I’m sorry, but I can’t” and feel good about that. Too often I people please and compromise myself in the process. Boundaries. Oh also: I need to lower my credit card debt by 30%, too, so I can consolidate my debt and get in a place where I don’t give half my paycheck to cc bills. I feel so constricted by the amount of debt that I have; if I really want to be somewhere new and take chances, I can’t worry about my credit score so much.

funsies: one random goal I have is to get a good run time on SMB3. I love playing through that game and I’d like to beat it in oh, say under 3 hours. I wanna say the goal is: get on the world leaderboard of run times (last place is 2hr 55 mins), and, maybe I can. I think last time I played the whole thing through, it took about 5 hours. So I think getting it to leaderboard status is achievable. And that’d be just a cool thing I’d say I can do.


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