my favorite things about summer 2k17 are

  • this sun that lasts till 9:30
  • podcast hosts and hot white gloves
  • cabana bay resorts
  • this one boy.
  • quitting jobs that weren’t good for me
  • multiplying my freckles by 1000
  • bouncing around new cities like a playground
  • watching video game streams with other people that like video game streams
  • no syllabi or lesson planning
  • irl cuddles
  • this one boy.
  • paying off credit cards in full
  • drinking in new cities
  • penthouse life
  • hazy nights at guesthouse
  • all the arcade bars
  • still pretty good at beer pong
  • all the Skype talks
  • W1 SMB3 runner, only
  • table for 15 for my 31st
  • less stress.
  • this one boy.

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